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Tryo Travel Trolley Suitcases Size Guide

Tryo Travel Trolley Suitcases Size Guide

Luggage comes in a variety of sizing’s and weights. TRYO has all sizes and capacity specifications on the product pages has been displayed,  so you can easily compare the different models.


Trolley Suitcase size: all suitcase manufactured and measured the size of the suitcase from the ground to the top of the carry handle, not the internal measurements of the bag. This can also be measured in inches. From this you can gauge if the bag is small, medium or large.


18” - Small cabin suitcase – 48cm or 18inch, capacity up to 40 liters

20” - Large cabin suitcase ( mostly used)  – 55cm or 20inch, capacity up to 45 liters

22” - Extra large cabin suitcase – 56cm or 22inches, capacity up to 50 liters

24” - Medium suitcase – 68cm or 24inch, capacity up to 75 liters

28” - Large suitcase – 74cm or 27inch, capacity up to 117 liters

32” - Extra large suitcase – 85cm or 32inch, capacity up to 130 liters


Please note that a hard case will generally be smaller in capacity to a soft sided case of the same size due to it not being able to expand or bulge out with packing. Also note that a four wheel spinner will also generally be smaller in capacity to a two wheel bag of the same size do to the main part of the bag being slightly higher off the ground.

Most airlines will allow one main check in piece up to 30kg and not exceeding 32kg (70lb) but can vary depending on airline and travel class.

Regular packing with normal items in a large suitcase will generate a weight between 20kg (44lb) to 26kg (57lb). Medium suitcases will generate a weight between 15kg (33lb) to 20kg (44lb) with regular packing.


Air India  / All Indian Based Air lines Cabin Baggage sizing’s


The dimensions of Hand Baggage that would be applicable for carriage on Air India flights is as given below for both Domestic and International sectors on all AI / Alliance Air flights / Indian all Airlines.

Height 55 cms (22 inches) + Length 35 cms (14 inches) + Width 25 cms (10 inches) for Boeing & Airbus -Total of Dimensions 115 cms

Height 55 cms (22 inches) + Length 35 cms (14 inches) + Width 20 cms (08 inches) for ATR/CRJ -Total 11O cms

The maximum permitted weight for Hand Baggage is 8 Kgs per passenger.